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This Is The Place To Be To Try Out Some Amazing Fusion Food

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What Makes It Awesome?

Global quarters is the newest addition to the eateries in the Vikhroli-powai section of the city. The place serves different types of cuisines including the modern Indian preparation of food. The place has a grand decor and has comfortable seating on the 1st floor of the section. Weekend attracts a good crowd with the in house DJ being playing throughout the evening.

The place also serves in-house brewed beers alongside some interesting mocktail concoctions.

What I found about mocktails is the amount of sweetness to it is restricted to natural flavours of fructose.

Fresh kiwi punch:- Watermelons alongside kiwi is my prime drink choice when it comes to the "no brainer" section of the drinks. This one was there with the best and vfm is 5/5 for 150 bucks.

Grilled pineapple & Lime:- Best presentation of a mocktail I have seen in a long time, mainly the glass used to serve it. The quality of drink there was the best I have had. Absolutely perfect!

Arbi 65:- Taro which it is known normally as or colocasia esculenta is a very important ingredient amongst Awadhi cuisine and has been used as a pivotal part in this tradition preparation. Chicken 65? Veg 65? Arbi 65

Misal bunny chow :- So what exactly is bunny chow?
It is a South African food preparation technique in which the dish consists of hollowed out loaf of white bread filled with curry. Its origin can be traced among Indian South Africans from the city of Durban.

This dish has quite a lot of history as in the labour migrants wanted to carry food to their workplace and they came up with this concept. Amazing isn't it?

Global quarters comes up with its own in-house variant of the dish with the flavour of misal which is one of the staple dishes of Maharashtra.

Kadahi veg jhal muri:- Bengali bhel? Not the best I have tasted. But who would expect jhalmuri to be the one dish that is served in such a place? Amazing. Who doesn't love a plate of bhel?

Provencal au gratin with risotto:- Risotto is served with baked vegetables and paprika sauce. Trust me, when it comes to this preparation, don't go by how the dish looks. This is probably the best risotto you would have had in a very long time. The taste was soothing to the palate. Highly recommended.

Coffee Rasagulla:- I am acquainted with this dish very well after trying it in lots of places especially the pure veg ones. The preparation was at par with expectations and naturally was reordered to gobble down few more pieces of those cocoa dipped rasagullas.

I did visit this place again but this time for the Sunday brunch which served unlimited salads, starters and desserts with one choice from the main course.

The bunny chow was the first to make it to the table (no surprises there actually) after my ecstatic experience the first time I visited this place again.

Parathas as part of the breakfast section of the brunch and were amazing as well with taste quantity and along with the yoghurt.

The mains were quite decent and the desserts tasted really good as well!

What Could Be Better?

The buffet spread and the choice in it.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1,000 - INR 3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae