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Plant Strawberries And Camp Under The Stars On This Weekend Trip

Jayati posted on 02 September


Welcome an autumnal October weekend by camping at a camp by the Krishna river by night, and visiting a strawberry farm to harvest strawberries during the day.

Strawberry Fields Forever

Have you always want to go strawberry picking? Well the first step is to plant the seeds, and reap it in winter. The strawberry plantation trip is scheduled for October 1 and October 2 and involves a lot more than just harvesting cute seeds in strawberry farms. Krishna River camp is situated in the quaint village of Wai, in Panchgani and its serene mountainous vibe is what travel wishlists are made of.

The two days involve major outdoor activities like camping by the river, going rafting on bamboo rafts and enjoying hot delicious meals cooked up by the locals of Wai. If the weather permits, you can light a bonfire, relax to chill music and even do your own barbecue {for the non-vegetarians and veggies alike}. Make sure to carry monsoon appropriate clothes and the right footwear.

So, We're Saying...

A riverside camping with a trip to strawberry farms for planting strawberries? Sign us up because when else do you get to boast about planting strawberries? In fact, this gives us a reason to go back there during the strawberry season and look at our beautiful hard work. All this in a quiet and comfort of a secluded campsite perfect for unwinding from the city stress.


We know this can be a bummer for many but the package does not include transportation so keep that in mind.

When: October 1 and October 2, 4 pm onwards

Price: INR 2,500

For more info and to buy your tickets, go here.