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    Go Golfing Or Camp By The River At This Hill Station That's Untouched By Tourists

    Jayati posted on 06 March

    What Is It?

    Go camping under the stars and eat tandoori food with the tribals at Chikhaldara, a quaint hill station in the Amaravati district of Maharashtra.

    Where Is It?

    A Maharashtra tourism government initiative called Venture Village, this is a camping resort for people looking to escape the city madness. From outdoor activities to chilling in the camps, or just exploring the landscapes of Chikhaldara – you can do it all.

    How Do I Get There?

    You can either go by road {bus or train}, or take a flight to Nagpur {an hour and 15 minutes away}. You can either manage your own stay, or decide to camp at their camping site. They offer regular camps or you can even opt for camps in the misty landscapes so you’ll feel like you’re walking on the clouds.

    What Is Unique About It?

    From early morning till late night, the activity village has a comprehensive itinerary panned out. Go play golf {at their huge golf course} and be served hot coffee with it. Then in the afternoon, go for the adventure activities like Flying Fox & Valley Crossing. You can also speak to them about the waterfall trails in and around the camping resort, and be set up with a few local guides.

    The day then comes to an end with a bonfire to keep you warm and cosy. Be prepared for  ‘Tandoor with Tribal’ wherein you can have food prepared by them and even see a zesty traditional folk-dance by them. A perfect way to end a tiring but exciting day.

    Best Time To Visit

    Though Chikhaldara wouldn’t be a feasible option for a two-day weekend getaway {read our weekend getaway guide}, we suggest keep an open mind to this for a long weekend, or club it with an extra day off.

    Go here if you want to explore something different than the usual Goa {here’s our guide} and Khandala as holiday destinations. Chikhaldara is a tourist virgin, with less crowd but beautiful valleys and activities it offers everyone. The Venture Village concept is to have a holiday experience, all at one site which is simple, convenient and affordable. However, if you have more than a day at offer, you can also head off to Melghat Tiger Reserve and do a jungle safari among the wildlife and spot the tigers.

    So, We're Saying...

    Book your next holiday destination here, and come back with happy vibes, ready to take on the city life.

    For more details about Venture Village, go here.

    Contact: 8308818501 , 8308818509, Or mail to


    Venture Village provides the pick up and drop back to your local stay if you are not camping in the village site.

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