Get Nachos Pizza And Delicious Tea At The All-New Bohemian Brew In Bandra

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Bohemian Brew is an all new tea room in Bandra, which promises to serve the best of tea and Italian food to you.

Sip The Brew

As the assumed spot for a date, meeting or appointment, the coffee shop has an elevated status, and the tea-lovers get a tad sidelined. The newest tea room which has opened up in Khar/ Bandra area, takes care of all those problems. Bohemian Brew is a lovely outdoor space with a long long list of different teas to sip on.

The food is Italian and Mediterranean and includes delicious dishes such as three cheese stuffed mushrooms, a pizza menu {including something called the nachos pizza}, an extensive pasta list including a yummy gnocchi in tomato butter sauce, lemongrass risotto and in the mains, Moroccan chicken and lamb moussaka.

What Else?

Turns out that they also serve hookah, if you were looking for such a place in Bandra.

So, We're Saying...

Pick a date, and head over here for a good time in the open air.