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Go Organic With These Beneficial Tablets And Hair Oil!


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    Organic Collagen Builder

    Collagen Builder Tablets,Multivitamin Tablets and Onion Oil from The Himalayan Organics.

    Tablet Benefits:
    1. Healthy Hair
    2.Radiant Skin
    3.Reduces risk of Osteoporosis
    4.Healthy Immunity
    5.Healthy Bones
    There are many more benefits to these tablets.

    Onion Oil increases hair growth, prevents hair fall, scalp infection and dandruff too.
    My mom started using this hair oil and her growth increased stunningly in less than 5-6 months.


    Tablets- 1 tablet a day post/at meal time.

    hair Oil- Pump out 2 tablespoons of oil and gently massage onto scalp and work from root to tip. Twice a week for the best results.

    I would totally recommend you to use these, they are really beneficial, also the tablets increase immunity too.

      Featured Products

      Organic Collagen Builder