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Gorge On A Chicken Thali For INR 200 At This Eatery If You're Low On Cash But Big On Hunger


We visited Goa Bhavan canteen in Juhu to gorge on some delicious seafood. Here’s why you should drop your expensive lunch plans and head here instead.

What Is It?

When one utters the word ‘bhavan’, you immediately think of a massive building with pre-colonial architecture on the main road, labelled with a proper signage. Not in Mumbai. Goa Bhavan is literally a residential-looking building near Juhu Circle. You’ll surely miss it if you’re not navigating. The canteen is a very humble establishment on the ground floor with around half a dozen tables spread across a small floor area. You’ll have to share a table during lunch/dinner time and you’ll most probably end up with someone working at Goa or Gujarat Bhavan {they’re neighbours}.

The servers are friendly and will happily direct you to a table. We, unfortunately had to wait to get a spot and we decided to rev up our appetite even more.

Chow Down

We ordered their chicken thali {rice,chapati,chicken curry, koshimbir and pickle} at INR 200, prawns fry {prawns coated in rawa and deep-fried }and surmai fry {fish marinated in their home-style masala and deep fried in rawa}.Despite the fact that we ordered everything fried {we have a problem}, it didn’t feel like it in the end. The chicken curry was average but the surmai fry laced in their signature masala and coated with rawa stole the show. Crispy on the outside, soft and flavourful on the inside. We ended up paying INR 440 for all the dishes.

Sip On

Sol kadi and kokum sharbat are your best bets to order when you feel like hogging. You know, to help digestion.

So, We're Saying...

Don’t care about fanciness? Head to Goa Bhavan with less money and a big appetite.