Potterheads, Dig Into A Golden Snitch Chocolate Dessert At This City Restaurant

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Find yourself closer than ever to the Potterverse by getting a piece of a real golden snitch dessert that you can eat! It’s available at Mumbai-based restaurant, Henpecked.

It Opens At The Close

The mystifying phrase on the golden snitch makes all the more sense now. At the end of our meal at Henpecked, we cracked open a magical chocolate golden snitch.

Henpecked is a newly-launched restaurant in Kala Ghoda that focuses on farm-to-fork dining, locally-sourced ingredients and an innovative menu. While they have some mouth-watering dishes such as the seasonal vegetable board, a no-sauce cheese duet pizza {with garlic oil} and more. Read more about them here.

But what takes the cake, at least for us are the desserts here – a hazelnut crème brule, a ginger crumble cheese cake and of course, the Golden Snitch. These are two chocolate shells that are filled inside with raspberry mousse, chocolate truffle mousse, pieces of chocolate brownie and a little caramelized chocolate. This is then sprayed with edible golden colour and given wings.

It is priced at INR 375.

So, We're Saying...

We can’t wait to go to that side of town and to dig into this super interesting golden snitch dessert. It’s all our HP fantasies coming true, and then some more. Tell all your Potterhead friends about this.


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