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Here's Where You Can Save The Turtles, Teach Soccer In The Slums & More This Summer

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Volunteering is one of the best ways to give back to society. By being a part of the social fabric at the ground level, one can see a tangible impact. With summer upon us, and NGOs looking to hire and get more volunteers onboard, we’ve decided to round up a few of the places that are open to accepting volunteers.

The Farm, Aundh

The Farm is a lovely place in Aundh just two hours and 30 minutes away from Mumbai, and is run by Pooja Bhalve who camps out there with her nine dogs. Though it’s a great place to stay or camp at, they are also open to volunteers coming and helping them out at the farm in terms of organising activities, working on their organic farm, tending to the animals and more.

The volunteers are taken on need basis, or depending on the on-going projects. They have an option of weekend volunteering {a paid one so to say}, wherein within a certain budget you get to experience the farm life, and help out and get down and dirty. At the end of it, they will provide a certificate of experience on request. They also have weekly and monthly volunteering programmes, however, Pooja likes to know the interns and volunteers before committing them to a month long gig.

To know more, call Pooja Bhalve on 9960100550.

Find more information here


Slum Soccer, Nagpur

If you’re willing to get involved with sports and help out the kids of slum area in Nagpur, then this NGO is for you. A lovely initiative that aims to change the lives of kids who live in marginalised areas of Nagpur through the sport of football. Their aim is get more and more kids involved in the sport, and to nurture them to find a space wherein they enjoy themselves and empower themselves.

Volunteering with Slum Soccer is a full time commitment and they expect the volunteer to stick around for a minimum two weeks. There’s a proper process involved in the recruitment of volunteers and interns {especially university enrolled students}. The volunteers can get involved in coaching, administration, promotion or even raising funds for the NGO.

Find more information and apply for this programme here.

Sadhna Village, Pune

If you’re looking to directly get involved on the ground level and initiate a change, then Sadhna Village maybe the opportunity for you. Since 1994, Sadhna Village has been working along with marginalised communities in the villages of Pune district. From helping out communities dealing with debt, low incomes, children’s education and other such issues, volunteers take charge here.

There are six departments at Sadhna, namely helping mentally challenged people, empowerment of women, rural schooling, empowering rural girls, improving the conditions of Sadhna, and rural entrepreneurship development. Volunteers can assist in teaching, care or help coordinate with the self help groups.

For more information, go here.

Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra

Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra is an organisation working to preserve the nature and vulnerable species. The simple aim is ‘nature conversation’. They especially work towards the conservation of marine turtles, Indian swiftles, study and conservation of whitebellied sea eagle, or breeding of species.

Herein, volunteers get involved in the field work that goes into nature conversation based on actions, and creating awareness. They can get involved with film making nature conservation, teach or conduct workshops, organise campaigns and be the ambassador.

If there’s anything else you’d like to contribute, you can mail them here

Find more information here.