Got Any Plans For The Weekend? Make Your Plans Right & Drop By This Place

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What Makes It Awesome?

Have any plans for the weekend? Searching some place to chill with some delicious food and some amazing varieties of drinks? Visit Rike for some delicious food and some amazing varieties of drinks are it mocktails, cocktails or hard drinks, they have your typical cocktails as well as their in-house experimental cocktails.

Dishes tried:
1) Cocktails:
¶ Bomb Pop: One of their experimental cocktails made in house, tasted amazing, a treat to the eyes. A combination of Blue Curaçao (A type of liqueur), grenadine and vodka, an amazing combination of flavour, tastes amazing. Would recommend going for this cocktail.

¶ Melon cooler: Why have a Melon cocktail in a glass when you can have it in a watermelon itself. A watermelon flavoured cocktail served in a watermelon. Tasted quite good, would recommend going for this cocktail if you're looking for something light.

2) Starters:
¶ Spicy Chicken wings: Was expecting something spicy but this according to their name wasn't very spicy or spicy at all, it tasted lovely but I wanted some spicy wings. Would suggest that they increase the amount of spice in it.

¶ Chicken Peri Peri: Quite a delicious dish, perfect cut chicken pieces on skewers marinated to perfection that tasted really delicious. The chicken in itself tasted amazing, would suggest them to provide some toppings with it or some kind of sauce which would enhance the flavour of the dish. Would recommend going for this dish if you're a chicken lover.

3) Pizza:
¶ BBQ chicken pizza: A rectangular thin crust pizza, the cheese and the chicken pieces both tasted pretty good together, would recommend going for this pizza if you're planning to have one of their pizzas.

4) Desserts: The presentation of the desserts have a big scope of improvement.
¶ Tiramisu: The Tiramisu didn't actually taste like Tiramisu as their cream filling was a little too thick which overpowered the dish. The coffee flavour wasn't very visible. The dish tasted good but it wasn't what I was expecting.

¶ New York Cheesecake: The flavour of the Cheesecake was quite good but the texture wasn't pretty good, the cheesecake was very dry, shouldn't have been that dry.

Overall, the place was quite good, the ambience was simple and pleasing with some soothing background music. The service too was on point.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae