Unfurnished & On A Budget? Here's Our Guide To Doing Up Your Room For INR 10,000

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Doing up a room on a budget in Mumbai may look like a dream and the thing about dreams is- they come true. We racked our brains to gather info on how to do up a bedroom under INR 10,000. If you’re looking for something like this, be our guest.


Start with the essentials – a bed is important for this is what you’ll come back home to {or dream about being with it at office}. You should refrain from looking for wooden beds – they are expensive, hard to maintain and take up space. Instead, look for wrought iron beds {light, inexpensive and durable}. We found one for INR 4,463 here, if you’re averse to sleeping on the floor. However, if you’re game for anything in life, may we suggest getting a mattress made from your local furnishing store? They are available for as less at INR 2,000 for a good one. Back problems? Get a thicker one for INR 3,000. We’ll take the last option any day.

Cash left: INR 7,000


For those of you who don’t possess 34,000 pieces of clothes, you’re welcome to buy cabinets {INR 4,000 upward} from this shop in Oshiwara. Or stack ’em up the old-fashioned way in a colourful trunk {INR 1,200} from this shop in Zaveri Bazaar. Idea: Turn the colourful trunk into a bedside table. This way, you have easy access to clothes and a table top for your hot chocolate.

Cash left: 5,800


Lights can make or break your room. If you’re tired of buying unreliable fairy lights from your local electrical supply store, go to Zenith Plastic Stores in Lohar Chawl and buy them for INR 100 per metre. They are sturdy and will stand the test of time. Want a cute corner? Get these marquee lights for INR 699. If you want your room to have an earthy feel, go to this cane shop in Bandra where they sell can lamps for INR 250 upward. A floor lamp will cost you about INR 1,000 {haggling is key here}.

Cash left: INR 4,600 {we bought a floor lamp and 2 fairy lights}

Rugs, Bedsheets and Footmats

Variety Furnishings is true to its name and houses dozens of rugs for you to choose from. You can get rugs starting at INR 400 from here and bedsheets for INR 500. A foot mat will cost you INR 30 here, so buy 4. You can call them on +91

Cash Left: INR 480 {Spend it on a cute vase or teapot from Shira Ceramics to complete the look.}