#LBBPicks: Handmade Snacks From Gouri's Make Hogging Healthy


Artisanal Gouri’s healthy handmade snacks are perfect for the health freaks looking to snack on while working out, travelling {they do travel kits}, or for anyone looking for a quick bite.

When Snacks Are Healthy

Artisanal Gouri, Health and Soul is a perfect combination of flavours and taste for health-conscious people like us. Energy bars, cereals and happy ladoos all made out of natural organic ingredients. They offer delicious energy bars {INR 60 a piece upwards} in flavours of oats and almonds, palm jaggery and honey, dates, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, orange rind and dark chocolate which has us salivating already.

Their healthy energy cereals {INR 625 upwards} also come in flavours such as Mighty Oats, Ragi Rhythm, Rice Power, Magic Millet and Apricot, and more. Most of their snacks offer gluten-free, lactose-free and for some products, even sugar-free options. Want to gorge on healthy ladoos? We say, get one of the sugar-free orange, coconut or even cinnamon ones!

What We Love

The organic snacks are perfect for when we crave for munchies, with a bonus of being super healthy, thus helping us avoiding the guilt of cheat days. Also the chocolate used in the bars is Belgian, with 58% of dark chocolate mixture {do we need more reasons now?}.


You can make anything gluten, or sugar free by calling them up and asking for a customised order.