Restart Your Snacking Diet With These Healthy Treats: Pre-Order Now!

    What Makes It Awesome

    Artisanal Gouri’s healthy handmade snacks are perfect for the health freaks looking to snack on while working out, or for anyone looking for a quick bite. Pre-order their products during this lockdown and they’ll be just in time for you to start a healthy lifestyle when life goes back to normal.

    Artisanal Gouri, Health and Soul is a perfect combination of flavours and taste for health-conscious people like us who can’t help but binge-eating during the quarantine. Her energy bars, cereals and nutritious ladoos are all made out of natural organic ingredients. They offer delicious energy bars in packs of 12, 24, 36 and 48 (INR 540 onwards for packs) in flavours of oats and almonds, palm jaggery and honey, dates, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, orange rind and dark chocolate which has us salivating already.

    We also prefer their cereal mixes (INR 330 onwards). They’re as healthy as you can get, with oats, ragi, millets, apricot and more. Most of their snacks offer gluten-free, lactose-free and for some products, even sugar-free options. Want to gorge on healthy ladoos? We say, get one of the sugar-free orange, coconut or even cinnamon ones!

    The organic snacks are perfect for when we crave for munchies, with a bonus of being super healthy, thus helping us avoid the guilt of doing nothing but eating during our free time.


    You can make anything gluten, or sugar free by calling them up and asking for a customised order.