Comfort Food And Chocolate Milkshakes At Grandmama's Cafe

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Beautiful, whimsical decor, delicious food and James Blunt playing in the background – Grandmama’s Cafe is a win-win-win.

Chow Down

The menu at Grandmama’s Cafe, which includes both rajma chawal {INR 175} and Shepherd’s Pie {INR 280}, can seem a little confusing at first. Then you realise it’s meant to serve as an ode to the favourite dishes made by grandmothers from across the world. So we find everything from apple pie and lamb burger to rajma chawal and eggs Benedict {INR 160}.

Sip On

They have a varied line-up of shakes, coffees and alcohol drinks available here. If you’re feeling like a teetotaler, opt for the Belgian chocolate shake. If not, they have a standard list of cocktails and drinks which will serve you well.

Winning For

My favourites at this cafe – which has two outlets, one in Dadar West and the other in Lower Parel – are the pita bread and hummus {INR 140} and the homemade waffles. Both dishes, when I had them, were incredibly fresh and hearty and sufficient for an entire meal.

So We're Saying...

Go to Grandmama’s Cafe for its beautiful ambience, and stay for the comfort food. However, be warned, they don’t take table bookings, so you might end up waiting for a table for 20 minutes or so.


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