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Granola Can Be FANCY Too: This Mumbai Brand Proves It

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Rose & Pistachio Granola (250g)

Rose & Pistachio Granola (250g)


What Makes It Awesome

Brownsalt's gotta get serious props for getting me excited about what's honestly always been a boring snack/breakfast staple with... Little personality. Let's just say that. This Mumbai bakery has been crafting up granola in fun flavours that I've honestly never heard of before. I called for a (presumably) Middle-East inspired take on the granola - a Rose & Pistachio one.

It's LOADED with cranberries, dried fruit, rose petals and seeds, and I saw myself wanting to have it nearly every day. It's got a rich, complex flavour and it pairs beautifully with oat milk, and tastes really yummy on its own, as well. While it's not exactly pocket-friendly, it's worth the price solely on the basis of quality. If you can afford it, I say go for it! Especially if you've got perks.

Price: INR 490