Stunning Interiors & Delicious Food At This Beautiful Restaurant, Mansion

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What Makes It Awesome?

Mansion Bar & Lounge is one of the best places to dine in with some delicious food along, good ambience and bar service.

It is quite near to the LBS Marg. I visited this lounge during the live screening and I enjoyed watching the match.
They have some music playing in the background that's quite decent and refreshes the mood as well

 We had :
1. Siamese Princess: It is a fizzy drink with Fresh watermelon juice. It has the mild fizz which I personally like and also the flavor of peach and watermelon was something I had for the first time and I liked it as well.

 2. Blue Breeze: This had more fizz than the Siamese Princess. It has a blue, lychee and some lime cooler. It tastes much better after the slice of lime is soaked for some time.

We chose to have their signature Cocktails
1. Passion Rosemary old Fashioned: Its a classic old fashion with a twist of fashion and Rosemary. It is a vodka-based drink. It won't make you so much tipsy but the flavour of rosemary enhances the drink.

 2.Pomegranate Cosmo: Pomegranate & lime shake with orange vodka with tangy citrus ginger lemon. Its a kind of string orange juice with Vodka with some pomegranate.

 Starters :
1.Masala Chicken & Cheese Seekh: This is a must-have dish if you ever visit this place. Its the chef recommended dish and absolutely loving the chicken grilled with the flavours of cheese Served along with Onion & Traditional Green Chutney.

 2.Tandoori Fish Tikka: Fish marinated with some tandoori masala and spices. It had that tandoor smell which made us more hungry. It was much more than our expectations.

 Main Course :
1.Nacho Pizza: Bored of the Normal veggies and chicken pizza, then must try the Nacho pizza. They have a thin crust pizza with crispy nacho along with beans, cheese, and some veggies.

 2.Tandoori Stuffed Chicken: For all those cravings for some Indian food it is just like a complete meal with Stuffed Tandoori, chicken kheema gravy, a small portion of rice and two kulchas. The best part of Kulchas was they were thin and were easy to bite along with the flavours added to it. Enough for one person to his main course

 Dessert :
1. Mansion Golden Chocolate Ball: It is their Signature dessert and it worth a try. It is a chocolate ball filled with strawberry whipped cream
( not so sweet) and a brownie. The combination of brownie with Whipped cream is just mouth-watering. Definitely, must try.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Kids, Bae