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Green's The Way: This Farmhouse in Nashik Is Ideal For A Weekend With The Fam


    It's got a hot tub, mountain views, and a pool. Is there anything else you need for a perfect weekend getaway?

    What Makes It Awesome

    With windows that open up to mountain views, and 3 spacious bedrooms, Greens is the weekend home you've been looking for, for that family getaway you've been planning for months. A quick scroll through the photos will show you just what we mean - imagine sipping on the morning brew with the gentle slope of the hills keeping you company, while it's quiet outside, and the weather's oh-so-perfect.

    We think Greens is a great weekend getaway, since Nashik is just 5 hours from Mumbai, and well, there's also the hot tub! We can't think of a more relaxing way to spend a weekend. The farmhouse also has a functional kitchen, so you could cook your meals yourself (make that part of the family itinerary!).

    There's also a shared pool, if any of you are in the mood for a swim. This farmhouse is close to tourist attractions like the Pandavlena Caves and the Sundarnarayan Temple, so be ready to include those in the itinerary as well.


    It's pretty far from Nashik City, so make sure you've carried all the supplies you'll need!