This Mumbai Group Is Organising House Parties With Music & Good Conversation



    BeatMap is a venture by the performing arts collective group, Kommune and they have started organising house parties in Mumbai for people to meet, socialise and tell stories.

    What Makes It Awesome

    BeatMap is the newest start-up in town by Kommune which is co-founded by Roshan Abbas, Ankur Tewari and Gaurav Kapur. Though BeatMap has been around for a while in concept and have organised interesting sessions like Spotlight {involving poetry and music} in the past, BeatMap House Parties is something new and novel in Mumbai.

    Hari Sankar, the Entrepreneur-in-Residence who began building BeatMap in the first place, tells us the whole idea behind it is to take creativity and art to unconventional spaces. For this, he gives us an example of their event Spotlight Session that happened at Kultureshop in Bandra. Similarly, the house parties are organised at regular people’s homes. Anyone can host a party – and instead of finding yourself in overcrowded pubs, find yourself cosy in a house with music and stories.

    Yellow lights, soft music and conversations with strangers who may turn into friends by the end of it. House parties have always been a lot more personal than stepping out with your friends, and BeatMap is capitalising on that factor. They want people from all sorts of backgrounds to come together, share their stories and just enjoy themselves. This is a way of meeting new people in the city of strangers, and also share their personal stories in an informal set up. And as house parties go, it’s a BYOB deed. Hari tells us, people can sign up via the forms and he will personally reach out to people and then send them the invites. This is done to ensure there’s diversity in the group that is brought together.


    Moving to another city means starting afresh, and often finding yourself short of meeting new people. These inclusive house parties are a way of meeting people, sharing your stories with them, or just listen. If you would like to host any of these parties, you can get in touch with them. Offer your space, and do the wonderful deed of bringing together a community together. Sign up to host parties here.