Brownies, Affordable Sneakers & A Foot Spa: Here's Why You Need To Visit This Mall In Bandra


    What Is It?

    In a quest to decode all of Mumbai’s malls, we started with the one closest to the LBB, Mumbai HQ. Link Square Mall {or Croma wala mall in Bandra West} is a confusing place. Y’all probably know of it because it houses Theobroma, but there are treasures unexplored there. Here are the things we’d recommend from there:

    Neemrana Boutique Store

    Located on the second floor of the mall is Neemrana, a shop that quite stands apart from the others. Beautiful chikkankari suits invite you in between the teal-coloured store windows. Although on the more expensive side of things, starting at INR 1,800, these are great when you have a festive occasion coming up.

    Dresses From Damsel


    Bandra West, Mumbai

    Ground floor of Link Square is full of budget shops for women, and while at times, it may also feel like Linking/Hill road in an AC setting, you find gems in here. We came across the store ‘Damsel’ where we found some pretty awesome dresses {maxi, knee-length and even party dresses} starting at about INR 1,000 each. The ground floor also has a lot of affordable denim shops, with denim shirts, jeans and more.

    Can you bargain? Erm, depends. Should you try? Definitely!


    Shoe Zone

    Shoe Zone

    Bandra West, Mumbai

    Sneakerheads, you will be happy know that on the second floor of the mall, there is a huge shop called Shoe Zone that stocks first copy sneakers of many brands. We found adidas, nike, puma sneakers {many from recent collections} in the store, Vans, and super funky shoes. While we don’t endorse using first copies of brands, we saw Nike shoes start at INR 1600, and vans at INR 799.

    Foot Spa

    Sabai Foot Spa

    Bandra West, Mumbai

    In the middle of this shopping centre, is a place for the tired shopper to stop, rest their feet and relax a little. There’s a Sabai Foot Spa, where you can get facials, body spas and foot massages, starting at INR 1,700.



    Bandra West, Mumbai

    One of our main reasons to head to the mall is to get a slice of Theobroma goodness. Sit back, order one of ’em walnut brownies, sip on some hot chocolate and watch the madness of Linking Road pass you by, but through a safe glass door.

    Shopping For Men

    The second floor of Link Square Mall is filled with shops for men, all on a budget. Some were selling leather jackets, some denim shirts and jeans, others t-shirts. We came across a shop selling chino pants in different colours, and ended up buying one for a friend for INR 800. Turns out they fit pretty well.


    Look out for Zingrin, a dance-wear shop where you can find everything from well-fitting jazz pants, ballet shoes and even leotards.