Gulab Jamun In A Kulfi, Anyone? Bookmark This Matunga Dessert Parlour Right Now!

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What Makes It Awesome

While on the lookout for all things awesome, Matunga gave it to us, literally served on a platter. At Dairy Don, be sure to find the most unique ice-cream flavours, kulfis and more delish desserts. Read on but don't complain if you're drooling okay?

Dairy Don, the ice cream chain in the city is famous for its ice cream sandwiches. The one at Matunga has however, gone a step ahead to introduce innovative flavours. Think of gulab jamun in a kulfi (INR 70), peru ice cream topped with red chilli powder (INR 70), 3-in-one flavours with black ice cream, orange and more. We absolutely loved the idea of biting into a gulab jamun at the centre of a kulfi (very Instagrammy too)

The peru (guava) chilli ice cream was a revelation for us. All of the fancy brands selling guava chilli in fancy packaging for INR 200 can take a hike. We are having ours, with a sprinkle of red chilli for INR 70. Have we told you about the ice cream paan yet? This fabulous dessert parlour serves Calcutta-style paan (the betel leaf, yes) stuffed with paan-flavoured ice cream that takes you on a whole different ride.

So if you’re a fan of kulfi and ice-creams and are willing to take your relationship with them to the next level, head to this Dairy Don outlet, and thank us later! 


Don't forget to try their Casatas. They're par excellence!