Flintstones Mania: Stay In A Modern-Day Cave At Gumpha Farmhouse

Gumpha Farmhouse


Ever wondered what it feels like to live in a cave? Now, thanks to Gumpha Farmhouse, you'll get to fulfill your Flintstones fantasy and actually stay in a modern-day version of it with all the latest amenities. Read on.

What Makes It Awesome

Truly one of the most interesting travel experiences in the state, the cave/villa is beautifully built, and also reminds you of Bilbo Baggins from Lord Of The Rings and his hobbit home. The villa boasts of two bedrooms (both on the ground floor), a living room or den with modern amenities, two bathrooms and even an outdoor pool to seal the deal (I mean, what could be better than this?)

If you're planning to head out there with a big group, you'll be happy to know that the villa also has a huge lawn that can accommodate around 300 people for an event (make those plans!)

You can also enjoy a bonfire and there's even a clubhouse that has indoor games like table tennis, a dart board, foosball, carrom and some board games. 

The villa is also pet-friendly, so don't forget to plan that perfect vacay for your furry baby too!


The villa also has a fully-equipped kitchen where you can cook your own meals. Complimentary brekkie is an added bonus. 

We've already packed our bags, so when are you heading out? 

Disclaimer: At the time of writing the article, the price for six people is INR 25,000 (without taxes). Please make allowances for change in prices when you make your booking. 

Gumpha Farmhouse