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Did You Know? You Can Write Poetry & Write Haikus With Strangers On This App!



    When was the last time you wrote a poem? You can write your own poem with the help of strangers on an app, Haiku Jam and it won’t take you more than 5-7 words.

    To The Point

    Four years ago, Dhrupad Karwa founded the app in London, which quickly became one of the most creative apps as claimed by Forbes Magazine.

    The startup has recently shifted its base to Mumbai, and has been even more in notice ever since. It is inspired by the Japanese form of poetry, a haiku which follows the pattern 5-7-5 words, and through the app, strangers and friends come together to form a three-line poem.

    How Does It Work?

    You can pick a theme on the app, anything from Monday motivation, life, time, romantic fantasy, it’s complicated, checklist, among several other themes. Then you can start by giving the first line related to the theme, and wait for others to contribute to the poem one by one.

    Alternately, you can join an existing haiku jam and add your two cents {or five words to it}.

    So, We're Saying...

    It is free to download, and pretty amazing to use. You should give it a try and put some rusty poetry skills to work {there’ll be plenty of help, don’t worry}.

    Download the app for iOS here and Android here


    If you’re around Bandra, you should check out the edgy wall art on their office building on Waroda Road. That has been created by Pune-based Bade Moochwale.