Bye Bye Unhealthy Hair: Nourish Your Scalp Right With Hair Sanjeevani

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What Makes It Awesome

There's never going to be an end to all the problems the universe blesses us with, and even though we don't like it, stress is has been our best friend for a long time. And that leads to excessive hair loss. If you've been shedding an excess amount of scalp hair every time you comb or even touch it, then welcome to adulthood. Don't just sit on this problem though. Instead, bookmark Hair Sanjeevani and shop for their herbal hair oils and shampoos to save yourself from becoming a Bala. Here's how.

Hair Sanjeevani is an organic brand and curates products that are mineral, sulphate and paraben free, to make sure that you have healthy hair. The brand uses age-old Vedic and modern global herbs to prepare your scalp for hair growth. With the goodness of natural and herbal ingredients, this brand makes shampoos and oils that contain onion oil, argan, jojoba, bhringaraj, amla, castor oil, shikakai, fenugreek, green coffee, and hibiscus. The shampoos deep cleanse your mane, remove dandruff, harmful toxins, dust, dirt, soot and other chemicals. It then forms a protective layer on the scalp and locks the moisture. The hair oils have global herbs that come with anti-inflammatory, emollient, and humectant properties which moisturize, repair and shield your hair.

You can buy individual bottles or as packs/kits. These hair care products are suitable and safe for every kind of hair. And the brand is vegan too. So wait no more and add these safe and healthy products to your cart! 


Oil your hair by gently massaging the scalp and leave it overnight for best results. Wash it off the next morning with their shampoo.