These Will Leave Your Hair Looking Radiant And Smelling Oh-So-Amazing

    You know that sweet smell when you head out from a salon after a relaxing hair spa? Yep. Your hair not only looks stunning but also smells divine. After all, who doesn't love a compliment saying "your hair smells oh-so-amazing". We've rounded up a bunch of premium haircare brands that's got products that leave your hair not only deeply nourished, but also smelling like a dream.    

    Flawsome: For All Things Fruity


    Available on LBB

    Known for their array of deeply nourishing hair masks, they've got some amazingly fruity flavours including kinky berries, strawberries, vanilla, banana, cake and more. Simply apply a small portion of their cream-like mask post-shower and let your hair smell amazing. 

    Apart from this one, we've compiled a list of top hair masks for smoothing and hydrated tresses! 

    Myra Veda: For Flower Power

    Myra Veda

    Available on LBB

    Apart from their beautiful floral packaging, this premium haircare brand also offers a varied range of products with unique and nourishing ingredients. Think Japanese Matcha, Shea butter, Moroccan Argan, Blackseed and more.  

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    Wishcare: For A Cononut-y Blast


    Available on LBB

    Offering some awesome shampoo options with super hydrating and fresh ingredients, Wishcare is a haircare brand you must bookmark if you're looking for intensive hair repair. And we're totally sold when it comes to divine smelling shampoo and conditioner options they've got. Think coconut creme, aloe vera, tea tree mint, onion (nope, it doesn't smell bad), Argan Vanilla and more. 

    Rustic Art: For A Minty Treat

    Rustic Art

    Available on LBB
    When it comes to shampoos and conditioners, Rustic Art offers tons of floral options. But, that's not the reason they've made it to this list. They've got an amazing collection of hair butters which leave your hair smelling like a paradise. They've got amazing and fresh flavours including mint eucalyptus, charcoal mint, rosemary and hemp. These come in tiny round containers and are to be used post hairwash. 

    Vagads Khadi: For A Mix Of Sweet & Citrus

    Vagad's Khadi

    Available on LBB

    As the name suggests, this haircare brand is about all things organic and natural. The best part? They come in an array of fruit and citrus-y options. You can expect a range of shampoos and conditioners in unique options like lemon & honey, apricot with soya protein, blueberry & tea tree (smells YUM), Jojoba with green coffee, peach with tea tree and more. 

    Oh, they've also got haircare options with goat milk.  

    Organic Harvest: For A Fruit Blast

    Organic Harvest

    Available on LBB

    Organic Harvest has got tons and tons of options when it comes to fruity and some hatke shampoos. Think Mango and shea butter, pure banana, coffee, apple cider vinegar and more. And brownie points for super bright and cutesy packaging.