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Craving Some Quick Chinese Food In Fort? Try The Newly-Opened Eatery Haka

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We walked into Haka, the newly opened restaurant at Fort which we think is good for when you have a quick bite to grab and happen to be around the area. For those who work around Fort, this place is perfect for super quick, work lunches.

Chow Down

A decently-sized eatery, what makes Haka instant attractive is ten beautiful artwork on the wall and smartly done up interiors. With the right usage of huge mirrors, the eatery automatically looks twice its size. When here, we suggest you stick to the basics while ordering and not experiment much. So if you’re out to grab some quick lunch or dinner, we suggest you start with the chicken Z soup {INR 170}. A perfect combination of the flavours of lemon coriander and hot and sour, this soup is super delicious and was definitely the highlight of our meal. Up next, you could opt for their chicken dumpling {INR 280} which is fairly good and their butter garlic chicken {INR 300} which isn’t too bad either. Don’t experiment much in the dumplings section, though.

For the mains, stick to basics – go for their chicken hakka noodles {INR 230} and chicken sapo gravy {INR 300} which are fairly decent. Their sizzlers are alright too, so you could experiment there. What’s good is their quantity, so don’t over order because their proportions are fine. The service is quick, so the good thing is that you don’t have to wait for really long.

So, We’re Saying…

Like we said, if you work around SoBo, especially Fort, and feel like some quick Chinese, you can always walk into Haka.