Amp Up Your Home With These Handmade Tiles That Come In Cool Designs & Colours

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Bharat Floorings and Tiles is one of India’s oldest tile company and undoubtedly a pioneer in the traditional cement handmade tiles.

What Makes It Awesome

Their product range not only includes the beautiful heritage tile but also the evergreen Terrazzo floorings both in-situ and in a tile format. One can also opt for the vast range of vibrant, modern and vintage patterns or even get your own customized tiles. The colours used are not jarring thus making the tiles look more warm and natural.

The standard size of the tile is 20 cms x 20 cms and the costing varies between approximately INR 200 and INR 350 depending on your design. It is one of the most economical ways to add an oomph factor to your home, office or cafe space. Because these tiles are made from cement and it has a natural cooling sensation to them too.

They are located right next to the Bombay Stock Exchange and hence very easy to locate. If you are lucky you might chance upon the beaming owner Mr Firdaus {do not refuse the coffee he offers} who will gladly show you around and give you some great insights on the product.


Do spend enough time at the store understanding the product and the look and feel it will eventually exude. They have a fantastic interactive app on their website where you can play around with the patterns and colours which helps you to customize your own tile. This tile is worth every penny especially if you are looking for a quick uplifting of your space.