Truffle, Caramel, Wasabi & More: We Found The Tastiest Handcrafted Vegan Chocolates In Mumbai

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A chocolatier from Bandra has created a new brand of handcrafted chocolates with unique flavours, and they are all organic. Are they the best handcrafted vegan chocolates in town? We find out.

Of Truffles, Caramel And More

There’s nothing more indulgent that chocolates, in all shapes, sizes and flavours. Though the market out there is brimming with chocolates, there’s nothing more we like than a home chef creating their own brand of chocolates.

They have a lot more of personal elements to them, with unique flavours, and of course, they are handcrafted with love, and more. Mosaic Chocolate is the newest brand of chocolates based out of a cosy house in Bandra, and you ought to get your hands on them.

What We Love

Mosaic goes beyond the regular flavours, and creates small batches of chocolates. The ingredients are all sourced from within India {their cocoa beans}, and some from abroad. And the cherry on the top being that all of the chocolates are 100 per cent vegan. In fact, PETA India approves them.

We love Mosaic mainly for its unique flavours – there’s thyme & lemon, olive oil with sea salt, wasabi and white chocolate, or even the coconut and salted caramel batches. Apart from the decadent ball-shaped chocolates, Mosaic is also creating chocolate bars for people who’re looking for vegan, and organic options. The bar is made using organic two-ingredients, that is, cocoa beans from Tamil Nadu, and then they add organic cane sugar to sweeten it.

The individual bars are 24 grams each, and are at least 70 per cent dark chocolate. The only catch is all of the chocolates need to be picked up from the residence in Bandra. A regular bar costs INR 250 to INR 300 {dependent on the size}.

So, We're Saying...

We are absolutely loving these vegan and organic chocolates. They are delicious, and since they are made in limited batches we know we are only getting the best of the lot.

The orders need to be placed in advance in case you want something customised for yourself, or are looking for bulk orders. All of the chocolates need to be picked up from Bandra, and come in pretty boxes and wrapping.

To place your order, email them at

Find them on Facebook here.

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Mosaic Chocolate