Hang Colourful Fairy Lights At Your Desk For A Happy Workspace

What Makes It Awesome

I was gifted beautiful tassle fairy lights by a friend, and hung them over my bed for a truly #lit room. Idam has taken the basic fairy light and added colourful pom-poms and tassles to them.

What's My Pro Tip?

You could also wrap these around a mirror in your home, above the frame of your bed, so simply by the window for truly pinterest-y vibes.

Anything Else?

These are priced at INR 950 each, and if not for yourself, would make for superb gifts. Besides the lights, I also really like their pom-pom hair bun sticks {bob your head to that one} and dress-shaped wine bottle covers. Get your pieces at www.idamstore.com/collections/accessories