Have You Tried Ice Cream Vada & Grilled Ice Cream Sandwich Yet? Drop By Fruit Frenzy!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Yesterday we visited this amazing nature-friendly dessert parlor Fruitfrenzy!

Fruit frenzy is an eco-friendly outlet, they have fruit icecreams with no table sugar, only fruit sugar. Their ice creams are free from artificial flavors, colors, chemicals, and preservatives. Which is really great for our health. Plus it is an eco-friendly outlet with recycled tires as their sittings and they use handkerchiefs instead of tissue papers. The best part is they don't serve in plastic our paper cups but recycled coconut shells.

Moving on towards the product line, we had ice cream scoops. There were many choices like watermelon, Chiku, pumpkin, lychee, etc We tried lychee and pumpkin, both were amazing. It doesn't taste like our normal icecream. It is less sweet but more fruity.

Then we tried pan roll. (Highly recommended). This pan roll is magical! What a roll! The best pan roll you will find in town. The flavors are so strong and delicious.

Loco moco chocolate grilled sandwich. This sandwich was very unique, there was ice cream stuffed between 2 grilled buns and topped with choco chips. It looked so amazing and tasted like heaven!

Peru icecream vada (highly recommend)- Peru is my fav fruit but unfortunately, I am allergic to Peru but luckily not Peru icecream.
Muskmelon fruit icecream - This is magic! When you cut the muskmelon, there was fruit ice cream inside it. What a wonderful concept. It tasted exactly like muskmelon, you can also taste the pulpy fruit.

The staff was welcoming, friendly and kind. Its a very great concept, There are very fewer people who think about our nature and take an initiative. I must say Fruit frenzy is Eco frenzy and has a very unique product line that is worth trying for!

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids