Carb Lovers, Check Out The Amazing Italian Food At Mia Cucina In Powai

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Looking for a restaurant that serves up fabulous Italian food and makes some good cocktails? Mis Cucina in Powai seems to be the answer.

Chow Down

If you’re a lover of deliciously made, perfectly crispy pizzas, and happen to be in Powai, then make your way to Mia Cucina. A casual dining restaurant cum bar, Mia Cucina is famous for making some pretty delicious Italian delicacies, and is highly recommended by those living around for perfect dinner and drinks outing. With dimly lit and brick wall interiors, when you’re here do try their amazing pizzas such as pizza verdura and feta e peperone for the vegetarians, and the non-vegetarian foodies. While we didn’t dig in too much in the lasagna menu, we did like their risotto al pollo, which was very well made. They have plenty more options with pasta and other appetisers on their menu, so do feel free to explore. The service is warm and friendly, the eatery is ideal for a lazy, long Sunday brunch or late evening outing.

Sip On

Just as famous as their food menu is, Mia Cucina also boasts of an equally famous sangria menu, so when you’re there, be sure to sip on some delicious, fruity sangrias. They also make some delicious cocktails which will go perfectly well with your food. They also serve regular alcohol, in case you’re not in the mood to mess around or experiment.

So, We're Saying...

Pizzas and sangrias? Why the hell not?! We love the idea of spending our Sunday afternoon hogging and getting tipsy at the beautiful Mia Cucina and we think you should give this plan a shot too.