The Zen Garden Cafe

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    The Zen Garden Cafe Offers Us Herbal Teas, Ayurvedic Food And Total Peace

    Jayati posted on 15 January

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    If you had an exhilarating workout or you’re simply looking to eat clean, head to the serene Zen Garden Cafe, nestled inside Yogacara in Bandra West.

    It Comes From A Zen Point Of View

    The Zen Garden Cafe housed inside Yogacara is all about minimalism, clean eating and Ayurvedic food. The Ayurvedic concept is an age-old concept which believes in combining the art of well-being for physical and mental health state.

    They offer nutritious Ayurvedic food at the cafe, along with detoxifying food for the fit soul. If there’s a specific diet that you’d require, you can speak to the staff serving at the cafe as they are all trained. The cafe has gorgeous long wooden communal tables as well. It is open to the public from 8am to 4pm from Mondays to Saturdays.

    Chow Down

    The menu is all about clean and healthy eating. From the nutritious, organic salads, crepes to dals, and their English breakfast, the menu has detoxifying, organic and gourmet eating sections on the menu. They serve breakfast all day long, and we love the detox Ayurvedic breakfast {INR 35} that is offered here. It includes yogic porridge, small carrot or orange juice or a fresh fruit bowl along with a herbal tea.

    We recommend the moong dal crepe as well {INR 180}, which is served with fresh green coconut sesame chutney and sweet and sour tamarind chutney. All of their dishes from soups, salads to the main dishes come with an Ayurvedic reasoning. For example, a certain dish may help you align your chakras and compliment a certain element. If a dish is too spicy {fire}, it will be balanced out by another ingredient and element.

    Sip On

    oose from their wide selection of freshly brewed fruit and vegetable juices, shots, shakes, smoothies and their lovely light flavours of herbal tea. The herbal tea includes tulsi tea, rooibos tea {red bush}, fresh peppermint and chamomile tea. Every herbal tea comes with its own benefits that help in reducing anxiety blues, cramps, nerves, or are even known to help with travel sickness.

    Or if you’re into slightly indulgent beverages, go for their super smoothies.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you’re on holistic diet and lifestyle, then head to the Zen Garden Cafe for a calming eating out experience. All in all, this cafe is for anyone who is following a fitness regime but still wants to eat out healthy and clean keeping the 2017 fitness goals intact.

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    locationBandra West

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      The Zen Garden Cafe

      locationBandra West