Get Healthy With Brown Rice Tarts And Zucchini Cakes From Dream Desserts

Shalvi posted on 14 February


Specialising in gluten-free and vegan products, Dream Desserts should be the go-to option for any of you who have a sweet tooth but don’t wish to ruin their diet plan.

For The Healthy Dessert Eater

Founded by Chetna Patpatia, Dream Desserts is basically your answer to all the sweet cravings you have ever-so-often while on a diet. So yes, they’re healthy desserts. Chetna specialises in gluten-free and vegan products.

She makes her food with whole wheat, jowar, bajra, buckwheat, brown rice flour, etc. with no use of refined sugar and butter. If needed, she adds cane sugar, and everything is made using minimal oil. To add the sweet punch, the desserts are made with sweeteners like jaggery, dates, honey or a fruit itself, and everything used is organic – even the vegetables and fruits.

What Should I Buy?

Get your hands on all of her sweet as well as savoury items. Choose from vegan cakes like plain chocolate cake, chocolate orange, chocolate lime, zucchini cake, carrot cake, semolina cake, orange cake, beetroot cake, etc.

There’s also gluten-free and vegan lemon pie, pumpkin pie, cashew cream pie, date caramel pie, brown rice tart, carrot apple banana cake, beetroot brownies, brown rice cake, etc. If you love savoury items, opt for quiches with cashew cream, pesto sauce, red sauce with vegetables with whole wheat base. She also makes gluten-free enchiladas, baked bean and cauliflower base pizza, spinach with potato and oats pizza, etc.

The price for the cakes ranges between INR 1,000 to INR 1,400 a kilo. For gluten-free ones it’s between INR 1,200 to INR 1,600 per kilo. The pies or tarts are priced between INR 800 to INR 1,600 depending on the size ordered. She also sells cookies that are priced between INR 800 to INR 1,200 per kilo.

Call her on +91 9820182496 in case you wish to place and order.

So, We're Saying...

Desserts that keep us fit? Hell yeah! We’re going to gorge on these delicious sweet and savoury items from Dream Desserts and so should you.