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Calorie Counting? Head To Saboro Lounge For Healthy, Filling Salads

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Saboro, a cafe in Churchgate, is offering a range of healthy salads, juices, shakes and more to amp you up after your next visit to the gym.

Chow Down

The restaurant, which can seat around a dozen people, has comfortable cushioned chairs and high tables. we found it close to the Raju Sandwich Shop near KC College in Churchgate.

We tried the bean corn salad {large for INR 199}, which was a generous helping of beans, lettuce, bell peppers, croutons, sweet corn and onions dipped in salsa. Besides this, we also tried the Chicknao Greens salad {large for INR 349}, which has a base of quinoa, along with chickpeas, pomegranate, parsley and honey.

They also have an interesting menu for side dishes, which include hummus whole wheat pie for INR 199, a zucchini boat for INR 149, and a yogurt parfait with vanilla, basil seeds, walnuts and more for INR 149.

Sip On

Among their juice selection, we liked the Appo Granate Juice, which was a very refreshing combination of apple, beetroot, pomegranate and basil. They also have three smoothies, which are surprisingly filling. Our favourite was the Kiwiappnach, with kiwi, apples and spinach for INR 169.

So We're Saying...

We’re digging how affordable healthy food is here, as well as the size options and the fact that each dish on their menu comes with a calorie count. If you’re feeling too lazy to move – cos you know, that last workout was pretty hard – you can also get their stuff home-delivered in South Mumbai.