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Healthy Forever: Mumbai Restaurants To Head To On 'Diet' Night

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A couple that eats healthy together... Is the new #couplegoals, yaar. If you and your partner are looking to start the new year on a healthy note and want to give the hot dog eating competitions a break, here’s a list of fine diners in the city that serve organic and healthy options for you to share with your beloved. Now you can talk about the benefits of broccoli while getting lost in each other’s eyes. How wonderful.


If you’re looking for a romantic night out, start with filling yourself up with all things organic and tasty at Masque – Mumbai’s first farm to fork restaurant that is all the rage right now. This botanical gastronomy restaurant sources its ingredients from farms across the country.

Chomp Away At: The Tasting Menu. You don't wanna miss ANY of their signatures!

Sip On: The 5 Pollen and the Aquacollins

All Good Deli

All Good Deli is an all-day café which serves up wholesome food and drinks. There's no pre-packaged stuff here - it's all as fresh as it gets. We adore the fact that they have ample vegan, keto, and gluten-free options all over the menu, so if you and your date have dietary restrictions apart from just eating better, this is a great option!

Chomp Away At: The Seafood Scramble (INR 299), Burrata and Baby Greens (INR 279), and the Crispy Okra and Caramelized Onion Pizza Bianca (INR 599)

Sip On: The Cafe Medicci (INR 299), and the Alkalizing Mary (INR 249)

The Birdsong Cafe

Stationed in the quaint lane of Waroda Road, this cafe is known for its use of organic ingredients. The easy-going decor plays the perfect partner to a cozy afternoon with your partner. They make everything from scratch and steer clear of processes sugar in any form. No more feeling bad after you gulp down their famous hot chocolate.

Chomp Away At: The Birdsong Signature Brulee (INR 345), the Meatball Zoodle Soup (INR 330) and the Satay Wings (INR 400)

Sip On: The Berry Beet Smoothie (INR 275) and the Secret Glow juice (INR 250)

Village Shop

Another quaint cafe that makes its bread and pasta from scratch, it’s perfect for an afternoon date or an evening chilling session with your partner. Their soups are comforting and desserts guilt-free. The menu actually has a lot of indulgent options, so even if only one of you is looking to eat healthy... Y'all are sorted.

Chomp Away At: The Spinach Ricotta Ravioli (INR 495), the Mumbai Masala Chicken Sandwich (INR 450), the 0 & M Vegan Pizza (INR 475)

Sip On: The Chocolate Almond Shake (INR 325), the Coco Cooler (INR 195)

The Yoga House, Bandra

Now, this place is the real deal. A yoga studio-cum-restaurant, this lovely space has an Ayurveda-aware menu that will definitely balance those chakras. It's sunny and cozy in the day, and pretty romantic in the evenings. Perfect to head to after a yoga date with a prospective beau!

Chomp Away At: The Yoga House Khichadi (INR 290), the Ti-Raw-Misu (INR 220), the Mykonos Tartine (INR 315) 

Sip On: The Saffron Tea (INR 410), The Happy (INR 255), and the Miso Soup (INR 200)