Ten-Second Takeaway

The newly-opened Junkyard Cafe in Bandra has a calorie-counted menu. Here’s why you’ll see us there while we’re trying to eat healthy, but also having fun.

Chow Down

12012017_junkyardcafead_02Not only calories, the menu has a complete nutritional breakdown for you to consider before you order something. There are salads like warm chorizo and chickpea {INR 425} which is high in protein, chicken, broccoli and beetroot salad {INR 375} that’s low in carbs. Surprisingly, salads are higher in calories than starters {revelation time}.

Their sausage mushroom caps {INR 345} have just 73 calories and mini frittatas with ham and cheese will cost your belly only 39 calories, and your pocket INR 345. Grilled steak with caper herbs is their low-cal main with 194 calories, priced at INR 495. Seafood lovers can gorge on their asparagus and tuna frittata at INR 495.

We couldn’t find any healthy desserts on the menu so we guess if you’re really craving something sweet but healthy, Village Shop near St. Andrew’s Church is your best bet. It’s a 3-minute walk away from Junkyard.

Sip On

Pair your food with their healthy fruit concoctions priced at INR 275. They have fantastic combos like watermelon, mint and kaffir lime and beetroot, carrot and vanilla sugar among others.

So, We’re Saying…

If you’re staying away from all things unhealthy and are trying to reform your habit of pigging out on unhealthy stuff without batting an eyelid but are forced to eat at bars, Junkyard is a good option.

Photos: Aman Deshmukh/LBB

Featured photo source: Junkyard Cafe and Aman Deshmukh/LBB