Healthy Banna Hai? These Subscription Boxes Might Help

Healthy subscription boxes are the need of the hour, what with us finding no time to meal prep and ruining all our workouts by snacking on unhealthy items throughout the day. Plus we also feel they make for great gifts this season! If you’ve been planning to get back on track with your diet, or looking for a fun and effective gift for a loved one, a subscription box is the way to go, this New Year!

My Embrace Box

My Embrace Box wants you to embrace snacking… In a healthy way! This website gives you a chance to choose from vegan, keto, gluten free and sugar free snacks, and customize your subscription box. They have over 50 premium brands to choose from, and new stock is added every month! They have a special Diwali box on offer too. This service is currently only available in Mumbai. 

Price: It starts from INR 600 

The Nibble Box

The Nibble Box believes that you can snack and stay healthy at the same time, and that snacks should be treated as fuel for your body. Their range of products includes nuts, seeds and dried fruits, granola bars, cookies and trail mixes. A monthly subscription involves you receiving an assorted box every week of the month, with two snacks. New stock is added every month. 

Price: Starting from INR 450

The Gourmet Box

The Gourmet Box is the first online gourmet food store to provide a monthly subscription box service based on your diet and tastes. For those watching their health, they have a range of teas and gourmet snacks. They have a wide range of products to choose from, which include coffees, chocolates, cheese, pastas and much more. They select the products for you, and the subscription boxes also share details on pairing and recipes. New stock is added every month, and they ensure your box is always filled with their latest stock. 

Price: Starting from INR 750


Bojo is like a marketplace for subscription boxes. Depending upon your diet, health requirements or taste, you can choose froma  wide variety of snackable items. Bojo has collaborated with the top food subscription boxes brands like The Gourmet Box, Evolve Snacks, All Heart and many more. They even have an option of gifting vouchers which we feel make for great Diwali gifts.  

Price: INR 450 onwards


Scriberr is similar to Bojo and provides a platform for other subscription boxes to come together. La Frux, Flicbox, Tea Box, Snackible Box are some of the brands out of the many that display their products here. You can choose from chocolate boxes, juices, snacks, teas, and even healthy meal boxes. They have 8 Diwali special subscription boxes too! 

Price: INR 300 onwards


SpiceBox is a subscription plan for healthy meals. With customized meal plans and meal type, they’re a huge hit with all those are watching their health and need assistance with meal preps. They even have meal plans for different times of the day. From weekly subscriptions to monthly, you can work out a plan that best works for you. 

Price: INR 85 onwards

Fab Box

Fab Box believes that healthy can be yummy, and the wide range of healthy eatables on their website proves their point. Energy bars, cookies, veggie chips, nuts etc are some of the many products available, and new stock is added every month. They have 4 subscription boxes that are curated by them, all of which ensure that you snack on delicious, healthy items.

Price: INR 899 and up