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Heaven For Shawarma Lovers : Head Down To This Place For Amazing Non-Veg Fare

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What Makes It Awesome?

Carter's Blue; Situated in a small lane in Kala Ghoda, this outlet is a hidden gem and open till wee hours of 2:30-3:00 Am in the morning. We usually order a takeaway and it has never disappointed us. Always satisfied our hunger pangs.

This time we went for a dine-in experience.

They have two areas. One is a lounge type area which has quirk interiors all over their walls and other is dining area with shades of blue and white.

The service was quick and prompt and the servers were very polite.

It serves a variety of cuisine like north Indian, Lebanese, Chinese and Fast Food. This place is known for its non-vegetarian food.



1. Carter’s Special Chicken Dajjaj Shawarma: 4/5
Shawarmas are their speciality and this one didn’t disappoint us. We loved it.

2. Chicken Mix Platter: Overall it was a 3/5
It had 4 different kinds of chicken:

• Pahadi Chicken: This one was a 5/5 and they have a separate dish with just Pahadi chicken which you can order.
• Kali Miri: 4/5
• Tikka Masala: 4/5
• Malai: 3/5

3. Mutton Seekh Kebab: 4/5
We really liked the flavour on a whole but it was a little dry.


1. Veg Tandoor Mix Platter: 4/5
We had the Half Veg Tandoor Mix Platter. It was nicely marinated and the vegetables were charred perfectly. It had baby potatoes, mushrooms, paneer and baby corn.

2. Hummus and Zaatar Cheese Naan: 5/5
If you guys go here, you HAVE to try this. Amazing soft hot Zaatar Naan lined with melted cheese and served with Hummus.

3. Mushroom Shawarma: 4.5/5
One of our all-time favourite. Mushroom Shawarma served with pickled vegetable and garlic paste.


1. Cranberry Mojito: 4.5/5
A mixture of Cranberry and mint mojito.

2. Virgin Mojito: 4.5/5
This goto drink never disappoints. Was just a little more on the sweeter side.

3. Guava Mary: 5/5
Guava Juice served with chilli Flakes. The sweet and Spicy mix made a very good combination.

4. Fruit Punch: 3/5
With ice cream, strawberry crush and mixed fruit juice, if you're a lover of all things mixed, go for this!

P.S. Try their garlic paste. It goes with everything.


1. Firni: 5/5
Must have this. We were
sceptical to try this as not a big fan of fire firni. But it was amazingly flavoured with the right amount of saffron and cardamom.

2. Caramel Custard: 4/5
A treat for any dessert lover, their caramel custard is jiggly and totally melt in the mouth. Don't miss out on this!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹5,00 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Kids