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Get Your Instagram Ready: This New Restaurant Has The Most Outrageous Decor In Mumbai

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Hello Guppy comes from the people behind Olive and SodaBottleOpenerWala and it opened its doors on May 31. Say hello to happy-go-lucky Japanese.

What Is It?

Open at the Godrej Building in BKC, Hello Guppy is the latest Japanese eatery to touch the city shores. Uninhibited, eccentric and off-the-cuff, Hello Guppy will welcome you with glow signs, inflatable toys, kooky lamps and lit-up tables. With spurts of pop art that sparked a conversation about Andy Warhol and lighting that did take us to Japan for 0.3 seconds, it’s the place you go to with your colleagues after a serious day at work.

Chow Down

A matter-of-course menu that consists of soups, salads, starters mains and sushi, there’s no scope for Jap food snobbery here. They’ve kept it simple and that’s what works for them. There are no twists and turns, except that their soya sauce comes in a spray. While some of you may be cringing right now, it grows on you eventually {ice-breaker cue}.

Go for the spicy salmon miso soup {INR 209}, udon noodles {INR 419 upward}, chashu ramen miso {INR 599}, battera sushi {INR 649}, prawn tempura roll {INR 350}, spice salmon roll {INR 350} and their signature pork belly {INR 659}. For dessert, we tried the raindrop cake {INR 240}. Mixed feelings, there.

So, We're Saying...

Go here for Jap food that’s not over priced. Forks take precedence over chopsticks here.