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Zara, Gucci & Gadgets: The Newbie's Guide To Cheap Shopping At Heera Panna Arcade

Jayati posted on 07 February

Ten Second Takeaway

What Palika Bazaar in Connaught Place is to Delhi, Heera Panna is to Mumbai. Possibly one of the first ‘grey markets’ to crop up in the shopping sphere, it slowly has evolved into a shopping arcade with blasting A.C and a legit security system at its entrance.

With its endless corridors and shops, we have decoded what all you can really get at Heera Panna, and if it’s worth a trip. Spoiler Alert: Expect knock-offs, export surplus and crazy discounted gadgets and phones. Be weary, most of the shops only accept cash or paytm, and are very strict about taking photographs of their products inside the arcade.


Heera Panna is full of tiny shops in the arcade, but mainly for men’s shopping. One can find simple nondescript brands to Zara, Ambercombie & Finch, Versace, United Colours of Benetton and more. Bargain is the keyword here, as you can get these brands here for half the price, though the quality maybe something they vouch really hard for. One can buy a simple tee here for as low as INR 150 or spend INR 2,000 for a high-end brand.

Bargain price: A Zara shirt starting at INR 500 upwards


Heera Panna is known more for its electronic gadgets, especially the mobile phones. With its notorious reputation of getting the latest models and softwares even before it hits the official stores, a lot of stores here will offer you some kind of discount. Find phone covers starting at INR 150 upwards, to USB sticks, hard disks, phones, and more.

Bargain price: INR 200 for a 10 gb usb stick


Gucci perfumes, Britney Spears, Madonna and even Channel numbers, the perfume stores here offer it all. Patrons can find local as well international perfume brands, and though the prices may not differ as much as they tend to sell them at the mrp, there is always a scope of bargaining unlike in the malls.

Bargain price: INR 500 upwards


Now when we say accessories it sort of encapsulates it all – branded watches, to sunglasses to belts and even women’s jewellery as well. One can imagine all sorts of brands here, Rado, Emporio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Omega, Spencer and more.

Bargain price: INR 2,000 for a classic omega watch



We found a lot of sneaker shops here which were selling them for as low as INR 700 {for men mainly. One of them was Adeshwar {next to XOD}. From original vans, to leather to sports shoes, it’s a great place to come and bargain for shoes for a really good price as they tend to score the export surplus here.

Bargain Price: INR 700 per pair


Very few shops have debit/credit cards machines, and most of them will levy a service tax of at least 2%.

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Heera Panna Shopping Centre

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    locationAndheri West

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    Heera Panna Shopping Centre

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