Polaroids, Typewriters & More: A Hipster's Guide To Chor Bazaar

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We had visited Chor Bazaar once earlier and picked up our top five unique things. But there’s so much more to be explored there, and let’s be honest – if you go there wanting a typewriter, you might end up spending all your cash on a beautiful clock you never need, or vice versa. To avoid that, we have mapped out the bazaar for us all, with where you can get what. So without further ado, let us br-br-break it down for you.

Vintage Telephones

Our mobile may be enough for us, but it strips of your room of one potential cool piece. We miss the colourful vintage dial telephones adding spunk to the bedside, and sitting down having conversations attached to it for dear life. How very old school and hipster. Want to go even more back in time? Dial back to the era of wooden phones with grand receivers attached. Colourful ones begin at INR 600. The wooden ones are approx INR 1,200 upwards. Where: 1. Mini Art Centre, 145/147, Mutton Street, Chor Bazaar {this has a wide collection of few colourful plastic ones, and the vintage wooden ones too.} Also check A.K. Mansoori’s shop on 16, Mutton Street. Call him at +918879047485

Old Cameras

Get your fix of vintage Yashikas, Nikons and polaroid cameras at Chor Bazaar for prices as low at INR 1,000. Many of the shops sell the required film for the process also. We found three good camera shops for your photo-taking obsession. Our favourite find was this polaroid instant film camera which looks like it’s the exact inspiration for the Instagram logo. Oh snap. Where: 1. Camera House, 137, Mutton Street opposite Bombay Furniture, Chor Bazaar. Call them at +919869071556 2. Dada Kasam Mansuri, 135, Mutton Street, near Hadiwala Masjid, Chor Bazaar. Call them at +9102265241994 or +919892521707 3. The Insta camera {in photo} from Bought & Sold, 40-A, Mutton Street, Chor Bazaar


The only thing holding you back from writing that great first novel is the lack of a typewriter that calls you to write, isn’t it? Get a working typewriter in this market that has it all, and get cracking. Plus, it will look pretty awesome sitting pretty on your desk, with writing skill or without. It’s cheaper than a laptop too at INR 1,000 upwards. Where: 1. Camera House, 137, Mutton Street opposite Bombay Furniture. Call them at +919869071556 {This shop has Hindi typewriters too} 2. A.K. Mansoori’s shop on 16, Mutton Street. Call them at +918879047485 #LBBTip: Camera House sells you the ink too, but check the other shop for whether the typewriters are working.

A TV Set

The mini TV the size of your dabba is the cutest, and definitely deserves a place atop your jumbled desk. They are only for INR 300-500 and look edgy as a knife. Get colourful full-sized box TVs at this shop too, but check for functionality. Where: 16 Mutton Street by A.K. Mansoori. Call them at +918879047485

Leather Trunks

Love leather luggage but think Louis Vuitton is too mainstream {read: expensive}? Here is the ultimate shop with leather trunks and suitcases in many sizes and shades of brown. They are all priced at INR 1,500 but believe us, a bargain is in order. And if you aren’t too much into leather, we got your back with these colourful metal trunks quite close to Chor Bazaar here. Where: Taherallys, 26/28 Mutton Street, Chor Bazaar. Call them at +9102223471169, +9102223471367


The market is closed on Fridays, so that won’t be your lucky day for old-school shopping.