Move Over, Hotels: Hire A Caravan With A Barbecue Grill, Music System & A Private Helper


For all the frequent travellers, adventure junkies, fans of road trips - we've found you something amazing. Hint: if you felt like taking a road trip after watching Shah Rukh Khan's caravan trip in Swades, this is surely something you need to checkout.

What Makes It Awesome

Wacation on Wheels is an awesome Nagpur-based company, started by Neha Soman who got tired of calling travel companies for an RV camper (they couldn’t find a reliable service). Deciding to take matters in their own hands, they started Wacation on Wheels in November 2016.

The service offers two kinds of caravans – a four-seater and a nine-seater. They come with a driver and a helper who will clean the vehicle for you to have a hassle-free vacay. The facilities include a gas stove, a barbecue grill, solar panels to give you hot water, a shower, TV and a generator for power backup. And if you're in a mood to party, all the caravans are integrated with LCD TV and a music system. 

We inquired as a customer to take a trip to Goa. We were told that they have access and permission for two beaches in Goa Agonda and Anjuna, where you can park it and have a beach day/night. Did we mention the barbecue grill that opens out from the side of the van?

Services Offered: Across Central, Western and Northern India. From hills of Manali and Leh to the deserts in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Prices: Starts at INR 20,000 and upwards. The prices may vary as per the size of the caravan. It's better if you've got a big group, as you can convince them to offer you a discount. 

#LBBTip: The price includes the cost of a driver, helper, diesel charges, toll charges and cooking utensils. 


Imagine travelling within Maharashtra or beyond, without having to check-in and check out of hotels. Gather your group of friends and leave for an adventure, we say.