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Hitler - The unlikely Book And Antiques Vendor

Hitler Nadar

What Makes It Awesome?

With a politically loaded name such as his; books, art and antiques are the last things that might come to your mind. But this soft-spoken Tamil with his bunker in King's Circle adjacent to Anand Bhavan Restaurant is your man Friday for steal deals on rare books and much more. I have been buying from Hitler for over a decade now. His contacts in the market flood him with rare books, photographs and curios. Featured in the photos are my latest acquisitions. A folio of photographs from 1952, taken by an erudite Indian traveller. A set of 130 photographs cost me just about a dinner at the Taj Mahal restaurant for two. Expect to find more than reasonable prices on books. The stack of books that you see cost me 700 rupees. Hitler primarily deals with second-hand books, often times titles that are long forgotten or hard to get. Make a trip to his bunker and you might just get lucky with a rare find!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Hitler Nadar