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Hog Quarters In Andheri Will Deliver Cheesy Pizza Till 3AM


A new late night delivery has sprouted up in Andheri which doles out your midnight snacks and delivers till 3am.

Chow Down

Wondering if you should head to Bandra to find a joint open till late? Or too lazy to move your bum if you’re already in Bandra? Hogg Quarters is solving your late night gastronomical and existential crisis {the point of life is good food, okay}. They have starters like Home Made Chakna {chicken nuggets + chipotle mayo} at INR 150, Green Goblin {chicken pizza with pesto sauce and basil} at INR 260, pink pasta named Pinky Promise at INR 210 and a burger called Desi Bhatti {kebab marinated patty with mozarella, green chutney and garlic butter} at INR 160.

They have aerated drinks and ice tea on the menu. If you’re looking to order thick shakes or juices, look elsewhere.

Winning For...

They are open from 1pm in the afternoon till 3am in the night. Their delivery area during the day is from 1pm-11pm {Juhu to Goregaon} and as the night sets in, they expand their delivery area from Kandivali till Bandra {11pm-3am}.

So We're Thinking...

If you’re a night owl who gets hungry after midnight or are looking to order in during a house party, call these guys up. Cost for two will come up to INR 500. Pretty affordable, we say.

Delivery Services

Hogg Quaters