Beer-Lovers, How Many Of These Delicious Beer Cocktails In Mumbai Have You Tried?

Figuring out a nice cocktail when on a night out can be task. Is it too sweet? Or is it too strong? Though we love our share of classic and even the most unique cocktails, we’re also loving the combination of beer infused cocktails and so we decided to find some amazing beer cocktails in town.

Beer Sunset, Door No.1

At this relatively new restaurant and bar which also doubles up as a co-working space, we’re picking up beer sunset. It’s a musk-melon flavoured beer shandy, a concoction so divine we’re okay with skipping a pint of beer.

Price: INR 400


Door No. 1

Ankleshwar Building, Shop 1 & 2, Nityanand Road, Bandra West, Mumbai


Beergrita, Kaitlyn's Beer Garden

If you’re in the mood for spicing things up a little bit but also don’t want to be too adventurous, then Beergrita is the companion for your evening. A modern take on classic margarita, it’s a concoction of beer, vodka, strawberry crush, kiwi crush and peach – all things wonderful.

Price: INR 425


Kaitlyn's Beer Garden

Khan House, 201 & 202, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai


White Rhino Bongtail, Raasta

Delhi’s favourite Raasta came to Mumbai a few months back, and with them comes their amazing Bongtails. Order in White Rhino Bongtail which includes vodka, white rum, gin, tequila, whiskey, peach syrup topped with beer.

Price: INR 450



Rohan Plaza, 4th & 5th Floor, SV Road, Khar, Mumbai


Chilli Michelada, Baroke

From the land of Mexico comes this beer laden cocktail, Chilli Michelada. It’s a strong vodka infused cocktail with wheat beer with a pinch of chili and tomato juice for the flavours that hit you in all the right places.

Price: INR 900


Baroke - Hotel Krishna Palace

Hotel Krishna Palace, 96/98, Nana Chowk, Grant Road, Mumbai


Orange Cider, D:OH!

The newest cafe in town comes with its own amazing section of beer cocktails. However, our pick is the light and foamy orange cider. It’s a delicious mix of oranges and beer and super affordable.

Price: INR 149

Casual Dining


Fun Republic, Ground Floor, Unit 2-A, Off New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai


Michelada, Quattro Ristorante

Quattro is a vegetarian’s paradise. However what they also get right is their beer cocktail – the spicy and yummy Michelada. It’s not for the light-heartef as it’s spicy, salted and slightly strong.

Price: INR 425

Casual Dining

Quattro Ristorante

Janta Industrial Estate, 7, Opp. Phoenix Mills, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai