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Search For This Trend Is Up 60% On Etsy! Here's How To Nail It!

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Come the weekend, and we’d be out, bar hopping with friends (and friends of friends). However, the pandemic has left no choice but to embrace happiness within the four walls of our homes. But hey, it isn’t too bad as far as having a merry time with cocktails is concerned, because you can build your own home bar!

A home bar is fast becoming one of the most adaptive and most often used rooms in modern homes, and people are resorting to new and interesting ways to put it together. Trend reports say that passionate homeowners are now transforming their rarely used rooms, basements, sitting parlors, and dining rooms into fully stocked bars. Etsy, an American e-commerce company, states that most of its shoppers are seeking to buy bar cart accents that perfectly match their home's aesthetic. Searches for personalized decanters are up by 79%, and glassware, drinkware, and barware are up by  60% as compared to last year, on their website.  

And, if you’re passionate about being a mixologist to your friends and hosting a great party, you should join the bandwagon too. Whether you want a built-in home bar or you simply want to dedicate a nook in your living room to your favourite spirits, there are options for every home. Continue reading this guide, as we help you build your bar, idea by idea. So, instead of sulking over not being able to go to the bar, bring the bar home, folks!

Find The Right Corner For Setting Up

Solid Wood Minimal Bar Table

Solid Wood Minimal Bar Table

Well, it all starts with fixing the right corner to set up your home bar. And for that, you’ll need a good-looking bar table. After all, where else would you churn those delish drinks? You can either reuse one of your old tables at home or get yourself a chic bar table. While most bar tables are usually expensive, we found a cheaper deal at Home Center. There’s a wooden folding table that is as good as a bar set-up table. It takes up very little space and gives a very expansive look to your home bar corner. 

P.S: Don’t forget to check out two amazing brands for bar (or any) furniture- Saraf Furniture and  Lakkardhara. A bit steep in pricing, but perfect if you want to invest in a good bar table or a bar cabinet, that steals the show! 

Showcase Your Chic Glassware

Champagne Glasses

Champagne Glasses


Now that your bar table/cabinet is set, it’s time to fill it up with the right glassware for enjoying every kind of drink. If you’re a party hoster, never serve beer in a whisky or a wine glass, please. Instead, stock up with the right pair of glasses. 

And while you’re on the hunt, may we introduce you to Strokes By Namrata Mehta, for her incredible collection of nature and animal-themed shot glasses? Goodhomes too has a varied collection of glassware for every type of drink. Both these brands are available on Shop on LBB. 

P.S: Etsy is also a prime destination for finding vintage barware! 

And Maybe Rack Up Your Glassware Too

Wine Rack - 6 Bottles Storage

Wine Rack - 6 Bottles Storage


Glassware can present a unique challenge when it comes to finding a place to store it, especially in smaller spaces. Because of this, many home bar owners opt for placing glass racks above the bar table. Not only does it save space, but it also provides a stylish design element that gives the home bar a more classical look.

And, this wooden table-top wine rack from Abrazo is quite a good-looking piece. Plus, it doesn’t cost a bomb. You can keep your liquor bottles here, and even hang the wine glasses upside down in its storage chambers. 

P.S: Nestroots on Shop on LBB has a very classy iron wine rack storage, that can hold 6 bottles, and add to the charm of your home bar. 

Ain’t No Raising The Bar Without Its Tools

Bartender Kit

Bartender Kit


Making cocktails sounds like a lot of fun, but what are you even going to do without the right paraphernalia? If you plan to actually make cocktails at your bar, you need some practical elements - such as a shaker, a strainer, measuring jigger, a muddler, an ice tong, a corkscrew opener, and so much more. 

To solve your problem, let us introduce you to Bar Box. They’ve got a wooden bartender kit box with 19 plus essential tools, and a rustic wooden stand, that has a rope too, in case you want to hang it on the wall. For the number of tools this kit provides, along with a cocktail recipes card and even shot glasses, the price is extremely economical. 

Shell Out: INR 4,300 (for a set of 19 bar tools) 

P.S: It’s always nice to add some cute cocktail napkins, too, or a book of drink recipes nearby. 

Add Quirky Decor Elements

Wine Glass Themed Neon Light

Wine Glass Themed Neon Light

Now that you’ve championed putting the essential and utility pieces together, its time to lace your home bar with unexpected, or rather hatke decor elements. Maybe a few wall posters, some scented candles, a vintage telephone, a framed piece of art, or something that breathes more life into your setup. These small details help elevate your bar area and give your guests a great conversation piece to talk about while you mix cocktails for them. 

We found a gorgeous neon LED wine glass light at Chronos Lights that looks like the perfect bar decor. This battery and USB-operated piece not just lights up a part of your bar, but also gives it a hippie look. Amazon has a lot of quirky bar posters with cool quotes like ‘Thodi Thodi Whisky, Banda Hu Risky’ and ‘Akkad Bakkad Bambay Bo, Thandi Beer Humko Do’. These multicolored posters are apt for you if you love Bollywood (and your daaru)! 

Shell Out: INR 400 to INR 1,000

P.S: You can hop on to Etsy for checking out some cutesy bar decor elements too. They’ve got super cool neon bar labels, and offer personalized options for you to get your name printed on them too. How about adding your name to your home bar, to give due credit and recognition to all the awesomesauce cocktails you mix up?

Keep things chill (no, literally!)

Mini Fridge

Mini Fridge

Once reserved for commercial bars, more and more people are adding small refrigerators and/or beer meisters to their home bar. The growing market trend for home bars has made it easy and affordable to fit these cooling units in the smallest of bars. 

We found an apt mini-fridge option for you - there’s a 4-liter fridge on Myntra which is super cute. Even though it’s for storing your makeup and beauty products, and is called StylPro, it can very well be used to keep your drinks chilled, especially those beer and wine bottles, your ginger ales, and other knick-knacks. 

Shell Out: INR 6,999

P.S: Mini fridge bars can have steep pricing, but if you’re able to make space in your normal refrigerator, nothing like it!


Making sure the lighting of your bar is perfect, is also one of your key responsibilities if you're passionately setting up your home bar. Pendant lighting has become a popular choice among homeowners as it offers a modern yet versatile look plus it doesn't take up more space as it's attached to the ceiling. You can check out Amazon for pendant lights, or scroll through Shop On LBB to add them to your cart!