Need Organisers, But Can't Do Basic Styles? These Cute Ones Are Perfect For You


    What Makes It Awesome

    I'm what I like to call organisationally challenged. That means my cupboard isn't the neatest space in the house - though I know where everything is, swear! So when I stumbled across My Gift Booth, I was happy. This brand is all about making your space more neat and organised through their products. 

    I browsed through the range and found lots of storage options for everything from my earrings (always misplacing those!) to handkerchiefs and small linens to larger linens and laundry. And guess what? We've got a selection of their products right here on LBB. If laundry is your nemesis, and you've got more than a few piles of washing strewn around here and there, get organised with these laundry bins. Made of fabric , they come in a variety of different styles from super basic plain colours to to those with checks, polka dots, and even pompoms. Cute, right?

    So if you're planning to tackle the mess in your room or even if you want to gift someone a practical gift, these options from My Gift Booth are pretty great. And you can shop them right here on LBB. 

    What Could Be Better

    They currently have a limited range of options available