Want To Level Up Your Home Cooking? This App Helps You Do Just That

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What Makes It Awesome

Tired of cooking the same old dal rice? We found an app that curates recipes from home chefs that you can recreate in your own home. The app is perfect for people who cook on a daily basis and aims to make the process of cooking easier. And we love that the app's accessible in over 30 languages across 70 countries. 

Cookpad brings together an online community of home chefs. The recipes are created by home chefs and also actually tested by home chefs. The recipe range is large and we found it easy to search by ingredient, dish as well as category. The app allows you to create and share recipes, share photos, reach out to ask questions and share information with other cooks, and create your own bank of recipes that you can store on the app. 

What we like: We found recipes that are uniquely specific to an occasion, region or community like modak, onam sadhya, older dalna, aate ka halwa and more.


You can connect with fellow home chefs on the app for unique tips while cooking the recipe