This Boutique Studio Makes Colourful Nature-Inspired Decor From INR 200 Up

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What Makes It Awesome

Tucked away on an organic farm outside of Ahmedabad, we discovered Studio Wildflower. As Erin Van Vuren said " I will not be another flower, picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find, and impossible to forget" and the studio lives by this motto too. Now, I've always been attracted by everything nature-inspired and absolutely love adding a touch of the outdoors to my home, my accessories and even my clothes (hello, floral prints). So, of course, this brand caught my eye! 

This three-man studio makes an array of products that I fell for from interior accessories, decor and artwork for the home. And I especially loved their beautiful collection of ceramics. Now, what's amazing is that the ceramics are made from scratch - the unglazed pieces are fired, glazed and finished by hand and I couldn't get over the gorgeous hues. They've got single pieces as well as mix-and-match sets and collections. Most of the ceramic ware is customised as per your wants too. You'll find delicate Japanese tea cups, teabag holders, cake stands and more. For those of you who love the luxe look, Dhruva also creates pieces with real gold lustre.

Besides ceramics, they've got scarves, small interior products, stationery that are all handcrafted, and hand-painted artwork inspired by nature. Each of the products have an element of nature in them and an honoring of all things wild and untamed through their work. 

 Prices start from INR 200 to INR 2000 for Ceramic Ware, Rugs from INR 3500 and scarves from INR 1200. From the farm, they also have natural loofahs at INR 100.


You can shop via their website or reach out to them via social media as well. Shipping charges will cost you extra.