Furniture To Accessories: Home Stop Has Something For Every Decor Lover

    What Makes It Awesome

    Alright, we admit it. This is probably one of our favourite stores in the city. And, if you're all set to ask us the most obvious question (why!), we've got our answer ready for you. 

    Picture this - section upon section of colour-coordinated decor and home accessories (we're talking candles to fragrances, ceramic sets, kitchen ware - the works!) as soon as you enter the store, which then eases you into the heart of the place, where you'll see furniture sets for every room you can imagine. Not just that, there's a section for just the kitchen appliances and sets, that has a mix of gorgeous ceramic crockery, stoneware, wooden accessories and so much more.

    Once you enter the home decor part, you'll see bed sheets, pillows and cases in every size and shape, bathroom accessories, furnishings and linens, everyday objects like bins, ladders, shelves for walls and more. 

    We've never been able to leave this store with just one piece, so keep in mind that you're going to spend when you get here. 

    Price Range: Begins from INR 100 for candles, from INR 600 for decor, from INR 1,000 for home products and linens; from INR 300 for crockery and more 

    What To Expect: Home accessories, furnishings, decor, furniture and more 


    Make sure you head here during the festive season, as they always have a wide range that's perfect for upcoming festivals. They also play with the colour palette, so there are enough options to choose from.