10 Homestays In Alibaug That Are Worth Your Time In The Summers

    Imagine sitting at the footsteps of your homestay over the weekend. Think cold beer, some peace, quiet and solitude with loved ones as you hear the sound of the waves crashing onto the seashore. Well, you can actually plan that weekend out soon, as Alibaug, which is just a ferry ride away from Mumbai offers you some nice homestays, and these ten ones will definitely catch your fancy. Once you're there, there's always plenty to do, too. Check out these fun options.

    Asante Sana

    An independent bungalow in Alibaug, Asante Sana is in a gated community with 24 hours security, open parking (for at least 10 vehicles), and guests have access to the kitchen too. We love how spacious it is- the bungalow is spread over 2,200 sq. ft. with 2 terraces on a different level. This is a perfect choice for group getaways and accommodates up to 12 guests plus they also provide food and free Wi-Fi. The base rate is for 6 guests only and every additional guest will be charged extra accordingly.

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    Shell Out: INR 13,828 for two nights

    Shree Cottage

    The Bunglow is situated a kilometer from Alibaug town, and also has the owner serving as the caretaker. So while you have the option of going out to eat, you can also ask for meals, which are available on a chargable basis. You have access to a balcony, two bedrooms, a living room, and a dinning space.The place can accommodate six people in total.

    Shell Out:  INR 6,628 for two nights

    Red Stone Villa

    Redstone Villa is an exclusive boutique pool villa nestled in the quiet and serene nature of Alibaug. Located barely a stone’s throw away from Kihim, the villa also has a pool where you can have that party you’ve dreamed of. This is a 4BHK property that can accommodate up to 20 people, although 16 is what you can book up to on the website. They have an indoor fireplace and a spacious pool for you to relax in. They also have a in-house Maharashtrian cook to whip you up some delicious food.

    Shell Out: For a night, you pay INR 41,200 (inclusive of taxes) for upto 16 people


    Imagine a river flowing by and mountains to stare at – well this homestay at Alibaug offers that. With two cottages – one main and one smaller, this is a wonderful getaway which has been advocated by several people. If there are more than eight guests, the hosts charge INR 1,400 per additional guest and provides mattresses for their stay.

    Shell Out: For two nights, you pay INR 24,000 inclusive of taxes.

    Tejaswee Cottage

    This private property is located 3 km away from Varsoli beach, and has beautiful interiors coupled with a stunning mountain view. They serve delicious Konkani food and its in close proximity to several beaches. They can accommodate 2 guests at a time, so this one is better for a secluded couple's retreat.

    Shell Out: INR 5,000 for 2 nights

    Baan Thai Villa

    If you cannot book a quick vacation overseas but still don’t want to experience the luxury, we’ve got you covered. This luxurious private villa is situated just an hour away from the city. It can accommodate up to 10 guests and has a common sky deck with a luxurious pool. They also provide up to 3 parking spots and you can opt for their meal packages, so that you don’t have to leave the comfort of the property. Pets are not allowed.

    Shell Out: A 2-night stay will cost you INR 52,000

    Sachu’s Resort

    Located on a lesser-known beach, this happy place is perfect if you want the view on a budget. Every room can accommodate up to 4 guests with a balcony that opens up to a vast, quiet beach. The property is a 5-minute drive from Mandwa Beach. They also allow for partying and other extravaganzas, so bring in that much needed getaway with your college group!

    Shell Out: INR 2,950 for 2 nights

    Quaint Coastal Rooms by TheBlueSky

    This space in Varsoli excels in giving you simple, coastal vibes with minimalistic designs in each room. They have a gorgeous patio and free parking on the premises. They also provide scooty on rent and is in proximity to the beach.

    Shell Out: For INR 6,010 you get a 2-night stay for up to 6 guests

    8NM 10 Villa

    “8NM” indicates the villa’s distance from the Gateway Of India: 8 Nautical Miles. They have up to 10 villas, each accommodating 6 guests. Each villa has its own plunge pool, gazebo, lawn and an open shower. Special arrangements can be made for karaoke nights and DJ, and their rooms too are spacious and well equipped.

    Shell Out: A 2-night stay will cost you INR 27,784, which isn’t that bad for the amenities provided. A security deposit of INR 6,000 has to be made per villa, and food has to be arranged on your own.

    #LBBTip: This villa is perfect for huge crowds (20+ people).

    Kapil’s Farmhouse

    This beautiful farmhouse is located 4km away from Alibaug in Dhavar and is perfect to get away from the noise of the city. It can accommodate 5 guests in total. It is pretty budget friendly and a nice, clean space for a quick weekend getaway without prior planning. You can explore Kapil’s farmhouse and the different plants grown there by him and his wife. They provide ample space for parking and also free Wi-Fi.

    Shell Out:  INR 3,600 for 2-nights.