Ten-Second Takeaway

Mumbaikars, we’re letting out Bandra’s guarded secret, a secret hookah parlour on Hill road which opens up at 11pm until 4am for all the hookah-smoking lovers out there.

What’s The Secret?


Mughal D’Lite, right next to Fab N Stitch on Hill Road is actually an underground hookah parlour run by two brothers. After hearing about this hidden/undiscovered place from a Bandra local, we decided to ourselves go and check it out. However, the landmarks weren’t as clear, “same road as the Bandra Police Station”, and so we asked the panwalla guy {hoping he’d know} about a hookah place that opens up late at night. He did, and so we strutted excitedly towards it.

When we got there, Mughal looked shut to us but we tried our luck and pushed through the black door. Hit immediately by all sorts of different hookah flavours, we knew this is it. Zaid, the younger brother was present there and told us, they’re generally open to business 11pm onwards.

What We Love

The secrecy surrounding the restaurant and the amazing hookah available there. From water-based, ice to milk, they’ll sort you out with as many flavours and bases in hookah you’d like though it’s pretty much a hole in the wall with tables and chairs and hookah all over the place. Not much of an ambience if you’re looking for some, it sort of runs like a secret club behind the doors {a club known to Bandra loyalists}.


If you want to drink, or eat, that can be arranged too, as all of that can be ordered in from outside. In fact, we were told, if you’d like to come in with a group of people, do give them a call in advance to avoid disappointment as their loyal and regular customers start pouring post 11pm.

So, We’re Saying…

Looking to hit up a place at night for some hookah loving and chilling? This is it. Though we thoroughly enjoyed our adventure, we do suggest to go there in groups. It opens up at 11pm and runs until 4 am. Guard the secret well LBB readers, it’s a prized discovery.

Price: INR 400 upwards for a big hookah

Contact: 9768606931

Photos: Jayati Bhola/LBB