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    These Stirring Sticks Will Transform A Cup Of Milk Into Delicious Hot Chocolate

    Bhavika posted on 14 February


    Divine and delicious, Harsh Chocolates is a home bakery that doles out artisanal chocolates and hot chocolate on a stick. What’s that? We’re telling you.

    Stir It In

    What began as an experiment in the kitchen has become one of our favourite things. Hot chocolate stir-ins. Harsh Chocolates sells chocolate rounds attached to a popsicle stick, and while you might be tempted to simply pick it up and pop it in your mouth, stop.

    This chocolate on a stick isn’t just any namby wamby lollipop, which is what it seems. It has a far greater purpose — to transform into hot chocolate. Heat up about 130ml of milk till it’s hot and stir in the chocolate stick for it to become a good cuppa hot chocolate. Intrigued with a hint of excited? We sure are. There are also also flavours such as cinnamon and masala milk to flavour your regular glass of milk.

    A box of 15 stir-ins {with all flavours} is for INR 750 and can be bought here.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Go forth, eat a cake, seize the day, indulge away. We never judge you. Get their chocolate coated biscuits and chocolate pots too while you’re at it.

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